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Auchtertool Community Trust 

The Auchtertool Community Trust (ACT) was setup in 2017 to manage the Community Benefit payment from Clentrie Windfarm.


Residents of Auchtertool, or people who have a strong connection to the community, can apply to become members of the Trust. The application form, Join ACT, is available below.


The Trust also has a Board of Directors who are elected by the members of the Trust, or co-opted by the current directors. Elections of directors to the board take place at the Annual General Meeting which is held in the village hall, usually during September. 


The residents of Auchtertool receive over £25,000 per year from the Community Benefit payments. Auchtertool Community Trust (ACT) works with the community to invest these funds in a range of projects including providing bursaries for residents and grants for local groups. 


Individuals can apply for a £200 bursary to support further education or self development. Local groups and charities can apply for grants for appropriate investments or new projects. 


See below for application forms for bursaries and grants. 

Bursaries and Grants

So far ACT has awarded almost 100 bursaries or grants to individuals or organisations in Auchtertool. 


During the pandemic residents were invited to apply for financial support towards buying laptops or media tablets to improve access to learning and keeping in touch with friends and family. 

Community Projects

Auchtertool Community Trust (ACT) update on bursaries, grants and projects supported by the Trust for the benefit of individuals, groups and the people of the village.

Please note application forms for bursaries and grants are available to download at the bottom of this page, on request through website contact form and at the Drop-in Café.


Bursaries £200 per person

A number of our young people have received bursaries to help cover the costs of various sporting, musical and cultural activities. Individuals have been given financial support to:

  • participate in a national Basketball Academy;

  • represent GB at the World Gymnastics Championships in Amsterdam;

  • participate in a national Brass Band;

  • attend an International Scout Jamboree.


In addition adults have received bursaries to help with costs of further education courses linked to future employment.


Grants for organisations and groups approximately £1000, although higher amounts available on application. In recent years ACT has supported

Various recreational/hobby groups

Friendship Group

Seniors’ Christmas Dinner


Parent Council
After School Yoga
Whole school visit to the Ecology Centre in Kinghorn

Auchtertool Primary School
Funding for mini-bus driver training

Residential experience for primary pupils Transport costs for extra curricular activities

Community Council
Play park upgrade
Flower boxes throughout the village Costs for a gardener


Drop-in Café
Costs covered for catering and the hire of village hall every month.


Village Hall Committee renovation project
Funds have been set aside, to support the planned renovation of the village hall.


Multi-purpose community hub project
Over a period of months ACT trustees have organised an investigation into the feasibility of the Tiel building being purchased, on behalf of the village, and turned into a multi- purpose community hub. The cost of the feasibility study has been met by the Scottish Land Fund, which is financed by the National Lottery.

Keep an eye on the Village News for updates on these projects.

Keeping in Touch

You can follow what we're doing in the Village News section of this website or on the Auchtertool Community Facebook page.

Or by using the Contact form below

Applying for Grants and Bursaries

We need to make sure we're investing the community's funds appropriately and transparently. Therefore all applications need to be submitted using our application forms shown below. The application forms (below) also outline the requirements applicants need to meet before a grant or bursary can be considered. 

Once submitted, the application will be scored against our matrix to ensure our funds are achieving an appropriate benefit for the community. 

Completed applications should be submitted to ACT and the applicant will be informed of the grant or bursary after the Trust's next meeting. 

Successful applicants will be required to complete an evaluation form to show how the bursary has benefitted the applicant. We also require a receipt/proof that the bursary has been spent in line with the application made.

Application forms should submitted to Kevin Carter, 1 Moray Court, Auchtertool, KY2 5XS

Grant Application

Open to recognised groups and charities in Auchtertool that offer a direct benefit to the community. Grants are typically up to £1,000 but larger grants will be considered.

Bursary Application

Open to all residents of Auchtertool looking for help with further education, self development or employment. The bursary must be related to an education institution, club or related organisation. Busraries are £200 and can be applied for more than once. 

Join ACT

Members of the community wishing to join Auchtertool Community Trust are required to complete the application form below. 

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Contact Auchtertool Community Trust

Thanks for submitting!

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