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Auchtertool Hub/Pub Project Update


As explained in earlier reports on this website and Facebook, and at the two public meetings, Auchtertool Community Trust (ACT) has been investigating the possibility of the Tiel (formerly the Kiwi) being purchased with a view to it being developed as a multi-purpose community hub for the village.

The Scottish Land Fund, which is financed by the National Lottery, has paid for  professionals to carry out the work required for the investigation. This very detailed work has resulted in a feasibility study which concluded that the project would be viable as a multi-purpose community based asset for the village.

Where are we now?

An application has been sent to the Scottish Land Fund to find out whether or not it would provide the bulk of the purchase price. The application is now under consideration and the, revised, date for their decision is the end of May.

Next Steps

We will pass on the decision once we have it and then involve the community in further discussions.

At the public meetings, and as part of the survey conducted during the investigations, a number of individuals expressed an interest in learning more about the project. These individuals will now be contacted by ACT Trustees/directors.

If you have not already done so, but would like to express an interest in learning more about the project please feel free to contact our Chair - Dr Pat Carragher at

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