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Auchtertool Pub/Hub Project Feasibility Study - Report from Community Enterprise

At the public meeting held in the village hall on 13th November, Douglas Westwater and Kate Sarti from Community Enterprise presented the findings from the feasibility study that they have carried out. Community Enterprise, an organisation which helps communities assess the viability of developing a community owned facility, has been  commissioned by Auchtertool Community Trust to look into the possible purchase and development of the former Tiel building as a community pub/hub for the village of Auchtertool. The event was well attended with around 60 people from the village and surrounding areas turning out to hear more about how the project is progressing.

The evening began with a presentation by Douglas Westwater, who explained the detailed process of background research and consultation undertaken by the Community Enterprise team. The feasibility study concluded that a pub/hub in Auchtertool could be a financially viable and sustainable community run social enterprise, but only if it serves as a multi-functional community-based asset. It needs to be ‘more than a pub’ and to be supported by the community of Auchtertool and visitors from the surrounding area and further afield.

Douglas explained the new legal and governance structure required to manage a pub/hub if the building was purchased and renovated. He also emphasised the need for people in the community to put themselves forward as volunteers to give additional support to the team employed to manage the pub/hub.

The presentation was followed by a Q&A and lively group discussion, giving people from the village an opportunity to ask questions and express any concerns they might have about the village undertaking such an ambitious project. Sarah Daley, from the Scottish Land Fund, contributed to the discussion and explained that communities can apply for funding to purchase an asset if that asset can be shown to be both financially viable and of benefit to the community.

Auchtertool Community Trust and Community Enterprise would like to thank those who came to hear more about the project and participated in the discussion. If you were unable to attend the event and would like to find out more about the feasibility study, or add your name as a volunteer, please contact


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