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Risks around horses

We've been asked to remind everyone of the care needed if going into a field with horses, and specifically ask parents/carers to emphasise to our children and young people the possible risks. Horses are easily frightened and therefore can be unpredictable. The last thing anyone wants is for someone, or a horse, to get injured.

A specific incident happened last night (Saturday 29th April at 6pm) in the horses' field opposite the Clentrie farm road where the core path starts.

Two young teenage girls went into the horses' field and took one away from its field mates into another field. Fortunately, the owner's friend arrived and saw what was happening. The girls then locked the horse in the stable and attempted to hide. After being questioned about this they headed back in the direction of the village.

Hopefully this is a one off and will never happen again. However, we've been asked to stress how unacceptable and dangerous this is and for everyone to leave the horses undisturbed. We appreciate your support with this matter.

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