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Update from Shell Fife NGL Plant

Below is the latest information received from Shell.

Community Notice - Shell Fife NGL Plant - Investment in New Ground Flares

Wednesday, 9 November 2022

Dear community members,

I’m pleased to share a new investment as part of our ongoing aim to continuously upgrade the Fife NGL plant. We have committed to plans to install new, enclosed ground flares at the plant in 2025.

You may be aware that the Fife NGL plant currently operates two ground flares, which are shared with the neighbouring Fife Ethylene Plant (FEP). FEP is in the process of installing their own new, enclosed ground flare. Once the FEP ground flare is installed and operational, this will mean that Fife NGL will have sole use of its own ground flares, reducing the need to use our elevated flare.

Then it’s on to the next stage: replacing our ground flares with a more modern design. The planned installation of the new ground flares at Fife NGL in 2025 will ensure that we are continuing to deploy best available technology at the plant and will help to minimise the impact of our operations with respect to the local community.

We have been in discussion with the environmental regulator SEPA regarding our plans to install the new ground flares, and the design will comply with the technical requirements contained in the updated regulatory permit.

I will keep you updated with more information about the new ground flares as plans progress. Please contact us if you have any questions or comment. Our notices and contact details are also on the plant website.

Kind regards,

Craig Burnett

Plant Manager, Shell Fife NGL plant

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