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Sign up for the 50/50 club and help raise funds for Your Village Hall

Updated: Apr 3

Join the 50/50 club and help raise funds for your local Village Hall.

Sign up now to be entered until April 2025.

Signing up for the 50/50 club is £12 for the whole year with an opportunity to win every month. The total prize fund is split 50% to the Village Hall and 50% to the Winning player in each monthly draw.

All funds raised for the Village Hall go towards improvements and running costs. Last year £540 was raised for the Hall via the 50/50 club.

How to sign up to the 50/50 Club

If you would like to sign up, there are the following options to available:

1. Cash - please pay your £12 to Janet Vergo, 6 Moray Court, Auchtertool (01592 781 406).

2. Bank Transfer - please email to have Bank details emailed to you.

Sign up now to be entered in every monthly draw until April 2025.

If you are wondering if you are already enrolled or want to check your number, please contact Janet on 07947 757 452.

Thank you for taking the time to read this update.

Any questions, please contact the Village Hall Committee at

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