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Solar Farm Proposal Working Group

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Most people will be aware of the proposals for a solar farm to be sited to the north of the village and many will have attended the meeting held by the proposed company who plan to submit an application to Fife council for planning sometime in September/October.

The Community Council are aware of the issues and concerns that have been raised and clearly there is a lot more to come from the developers in terms of what the actual planning application will be and this will need careful consideration once it has been submitted properly to Fife Council.

This is likely to take some time to progress but the Community Council are keen to set up a sub committee who would report back to the Community Council to gather the thoughts and views of the residents (we know a survey has already been started) in order to take the matter forward.

The solar farm will have an impact on a number of Community Council areas who will also wish to have their view on any development and we will liaise with them as we move forward so there is a collective view.

Therefore we are asking for residents who are willing to be involved to contact the myself via the Community Council and we can then form the sub-committee as required. It would be good to have a cross representation of all and importantly we need a balance as some may support it and others won't and we have to respect everyone's thoughts and views on that and take them forward from there.

We do not think it will take up too much time and we already have some people in place but a few more would be helpful.

Please contact myself, Tom Lochhead 07736796699 or Debbie Scollay on 07786138976. Thanks.

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