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Solar Farm Update

So what’s been happening since the last update I posted on the old village website?

Auchtertool now has a group of willing volunteers that will help the Auchtertool Community Council understand and represent the views of residents in the Community.

Since forming we have engaged with MP’s and Counsellors to discuss the many planning applications that are starting to be presented to Fife Council Planning.

We started the group due to the very sizable proposal for a Solar Farm on the site of Glenniston Farm, this is still in the consultation phase. I have recently received an email from Locogen stating they have been working behind the scenes, dealing with the Grid and other technical details. Once these have been resolved they will be resuming the project, completing surveys and will be back in touch with the Community Council. I will keep everyone updated as we go through this process.

Becoming involved in this has made me aware of the many other solar projects in our area of Fife. A 30mw Solar Farm has been agreed at Mill Farm Road, Crossgates, 30mw Solar Farm agreed at Lochhead, Dunfermline, 25mw Solar Farm agreed at Kinglassie as well as a 50mw Solar Farm agreed on the Randolph Colliery Site in Kirkcaldy and a 4mw solar farm agreed at Diageo in Leven.

Those Solar Farms currently in early or consultation stages are 20mw at Denhead, St Andrews, 49mw Glenniston Auchtertool, 33mw Balbie Farm Auchtertool, 20mw Lathalmond Farm Dunfermline.

From views gathered I think we all believe Solar is an important step away from fossil fuels but need to ensure this isn’t to the detriment of being able to feed and provide for ourselves. I have received many comments from people concerned by the farm land being identified for some of these projects.

Unfortunately, the community is not benefitting from cheaper energy as the wind and solar energy being produced is being sold to the National Grid and we are all still having to pay the exorbitant energy prices.

Finally, the battery storage unit being built outside the village seems to be far bigger and disruptive than initially thought. We are currently having to be very aware of large lorries using the roads and an increase in illegal dumping due to the new passing places.

If you have any comments regarding any of these projects or any new ones that you would like the Auchtertool Community Council to take forward, please get in touch with me my contact number is 07786138976.

Many thanks

Debbie Scollay

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